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Aloha y’all,
Aloha to Everybody.....

2016......."amazing"......there was a time in my life that I never even comprehended 2016......and here it's just amazing..

When my wife and I opened Da Kine's Plate Lunches in June of 1997 at the Promenade Mall in Pacific Beach, it was one of the most exciting times of my life. We had a young family, a new home, and the drive to make some of the most comfortable food in San Diego.......and while things have changed significantly in our life, the drive to provide good comfort food at a good price still is the constant point in my life.....

The landscape in San Diego has changed a little as far as trends, tastes, etc. That is all about cycles, which if you look at past years all trends go around as time goes on...."but"....."constant consistency" will always exist and that's where Da Kine's is. After 19 years of providing some of the best "plate lunch" cuisine in San Diego, we're still here. I am so very grateful to our customers and am so committed to providing the same food that people are enjoying now as they did in all of you "thank you very much".

Now there will be no foreseeable price increase this year as food prices have stayed pretty stable for"yay".

And remember, check my calendar on the website as I do limit how many functions I can do a day.......I'm a little older so stress doesn't sit to well with me and my body....."heh,heh..."

And now to answer the questions about Belen' health. She has now entered the "home stretch"......I have begun to concern myself with planning for the future under advice from social workers who are familiar with Belen's situation. She has also been moved to a long term residence under the recommendation of her Doctor who tells me that it is safer for her as she can be monitored daily. I will always spend about 6 to 7 hours with her when I am done making a living.

To all of you who have asked about her, she says to tell you that she is as good as can be and that she appreciates all of the wishes that she receives......

Well, to conclude this yearly note, thank you all for the continued patronage throughout all of the years of Da Kines. It makes me just try harder to make my food enjoyable.

Aloha again,

Nelson & Belen Ishii
Da Kine's Plate Lunches
Da Kine's Hawaiian Catering

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