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 Summertime Caterings

  posted by admin on July 01, 2009 17:32 as General

To everyone considering ordering catering from Da Kine's........
Just remember, we are quite busy during the summer months as many of you have functions. So don't wait till the last minute to order. We operate strictly on a first come, first served basis to keep everything fair......."no favortism here". As soon as you decide that you would like to order food from us, by all means, place the order through the website. This will give you a spot in line, kinda like taking a number at the "deli". That way, you'll have priority over the next person, and if that date fills up, well, you have a guaranteed spot........"ya feel me?"....
Well, get on it......Nelson 

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[ Posted by Nomad, November 11, 2010 13:51 ]
     It's always busy, but always worth it :)

[ Posted by Carol Casey Hardy, February 21, 2012 1:33 ]
     Nelson, A big hug and many thanks to you for an AWESOME feast you put on at our celebration launch on Feb. 1st down at the club on Mission Bay. People were raving about it for days! It was so delicious that people were enjoying it for breakfast the next day. What a sweetheart you are to work so hard at making our taste buds and tummys happy. I look forward to calling you again. AND your prices are so inexpensive. Aloha, Carol Casey Hardy

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