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MAR 26


  posted by on March 26, 2008 22:55 as General

Aloha to y'all,
When ordering caterings please check the calender as there are dates that are now full....this means that deliveries are booked full. Pick ups in the restaurants are still available until they hit their limit............better hurry up and order........
Uncle Nelson

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[ Posted by Gary Silvett, January 26, 2009 18:21 ]
     I eaten at Nelson every since he opened hios business in abd their is no mettter a meqal or better people .

[ Posted by Hemda Sokol, September 15, 2012 1:12 ]
     Hello, I am very upset with your catering services. My coworkers and I placed a catering order for Thursday for our office potluck. We were treated rudely by on o your employees, but most importantly we spent about $90 on macaroni salad and teriyaki chicken. When we picked up the order, the chicken was given to us without teriyaki sauce and when we asked for some your employee wanted to charge us for it. Doesn't the teriyaki chicken come with teriyaki sauce. Then we wanted some plastic utensils and a few plates he wanted to charge us forb that too. I now know why Dakines is going out of business. We are never eating there again. Someone else will be benefiting from our business. I will be taking my concerns to the franchise because you are using their name.

[ Posted by Uncle Nelson, March 08, 2013 14:56 ]
     Hemda, I believe that you had visited the Pt. Loma location to pick up your food. That was an independently owned and operated franchise. They are licensed by Da Kines but again, are operated separately from this location. Sorry for your unpleasant experience. I would have wished that you might have called me directly that day. I might have been able to help you out then. Again, my appologies. Nelson Da Kines

[ Posted by John Sena, April 18, 2017 12:27 ]
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