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Catering Items

Ready to Order Kalua Pig with Cabbage
Smoked pork with shredded cabbage.
Full Pan $90.00 | Half Pan $50.00

Kalua Pig with No Cabbage
Like the above Kalua, except no cabbage for you purists.
Full Pan $99.00 | Half Pan $60.00

Teriyaki Chicken
Boneless, skinless marinated chicken thighs.
Full Pan $80.00 | Half Pan $45.00

Korean Style Kalbi Ribs
Beef short ribs marinated in garlic, sesame oil, and soy sauce.
Full Pan $130.00 | Half Pan $69.00

Teriyaki Beef
Sliced beef rib eye steak, marinated in our own sauce.
Full Pan $100.00 | Half Pan $60

Roast Pork with Gravy
Remember this from when we owned the restaurant. “No bones about this choice, fresh, roasted pork sliced and served with gravy.”
Full Pan $75.00 | Half Pan $55.00

Sweet and Sour Spareribs
Okay, so I do this one local style. And it’s the one dish that I put pineapple in. “Oh, it’s so Hawaiian.”
Full Pan $75.00 | Half Pan $55.00

Fried Noodles
Japanese noodles, fried with carrots, celery, onions, and green onions, seasoned lightly and has no MSG.
Full Pan $55.00 | Half Pan $35.00

Baked Fish
Market-selected fish, baked with lemon and green onions.
Full Pan $75.00 | Half Pan $45.00

Hamburger Steak with Gravy
Beef patties served with brown gravy and onions.
Full Pan $80.00 | Half Pan $45.00

Chicken Katsu with Katsu Sauce
Japanese style deep-fried chicken with dipping sauce.
Full Pan $75.00 | Half Pan $45.00

Steamed White Rice
Da sticky kine’ rice.
Full Pan $33.00 | Half Pan $19.00

Macaroni Salad
Local style, no worry? No relish.
Full Pan $47.00 | Half Pan $26.00

Tossed Green Salad with Dressing
Mixed greens with a really good dressing, I mean really good!
Full Pan $40.00 | Half Pan $20.00

Chicken Long Rice
Oriental chicken noodle soup? With ginger, celery, and onions. Can be done vegetarian style too! (Not fried rice.)
Full Pan $60.00 | Half Pan $35.00

Additional Catering Items “Musubi Alley”
Local style rice squares with your choice of meat topping:
Spam $2.00 Each
Teriyaki Beef or Chicken $2.25 Each
Portuguese Sausage $2.25 each

Poi (Mixed)
Mashed taro, “Polynesian mashed potatoes”
$15.00 a Bag (1 Bag = 8 Servings)

Lomi Salmon
Cured salmon with diced tomatoes, white onions, and green onions.
$19.00 a Pound

Kim Chee
Spicy cabbage, Korean style, intended as a condiment.
$4.50 a Quart

Ahi Poke
Fresh, sashimi-grade ahi mixed with sesame oil, onions, and other stuff.
$19.00 per lb. 

Dakines Teriyaki Sauce or Dressing
Ahh.. Umm… It’s our own Teriyaki Sauce or Dressing by itself…
$4.00 a Pint

Catering Rentals
Chafing Dish with Serving Utensil
10.00 Refund If Returned within 48 Hours
$15.00 Per Set

Place Settings
Set Includes Disposable plate, knife, fork, napkin, and soy sauce packet.
$1.00 Each

Labor and Delivery Service Labor 
Buffet-style service only. Tables and table-side services are not provided. Call for restrictions. $25.00 Per Hour Per Employee Setup/Breakdown
No charge if utilizing service labor. Additional delivery fee may apply for breakdown. Services include setup/breakdown of chaffers, buffet line, and table decor. (Note: tables and decor not included.) $20.00 Each

Delivery Charges 1–5 Miles: $10.00 5.1 –19 Miles: $20.00 19+ Miles: $20.00 + 1.50 Per Mile

Catering Service

Pickups are available upon request

Important Notes Full pans will serve 20–22 adult portions and the half pans will serve… (duh…) 10–12 adults. 
 The portions change if you order multiple entrees. The pan portions will generally double as guests will take a little of all items that are out there, but they will take smaller or half portions. 
 Orders are not guaranteed until you receive a tentative invoice from DaKines. 
 Remember, orders are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you receive a tentative invoice from us, the faster you let Dakines know what your intentions are, the faster your order will be confirmed, and you won’t be pushed to the end of the line. 
 Just remember, you can change the items and amounts of your order as much as you need to. We just need a confirmed amount and itemized order 48 hours prior to the event.

Labor Charges  Service Labor: $25.00 Per Hour/Per Employee
Buffet-style service only. Tables and table-side service are not provided. Chafers must be rented or provided for health reasons. Please call for restrictions.

Setup of Dakines Chafing Dishes: $20.00 Each Setup
Return to Pick Up Chafers: $30.00 No charge for setup or breakdown if utilizing service labor.

Additional pickup fee applies for breakdown if Dakines has to return for equipment after service time.

Service includes setup and breakdown of buffet line and service during meal time.